Vinyl Banners

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Be prepared for anything with durable, lightweight banners.

• Durable vinyl material, for in or outdoor use
• Vertical or horizontal layouts in 16 different sizes 
• Sharp, full-color printing
• Hang your custom vinyl banner easily with optional grommets 
(strongly recommended – they make it a lot easier!)

Need a hand? Get help from one of our designers.

Make your booth display, event setup and storefront stand out.

Looking to catch people’s attention? Our custom vinyl banners are hard to miss no matter where you hang them. Choose from two strengths of weather-proof vinyl and 16 different sizes that can be printed horizontally or vertically to showcase your vinyl sign. Now, think about your space to determine the right material. If you’re displaying your banner in-store, at a trade show or at any indoor event, the 13 oz. vinyl is your go-to. However, if you’re trying to draw attention to your storefront or get noticed, we recommend you pick the extra thick 15 oz. vinyl and pair it with banner reinforcement and grommets to make sure your vinyl sign is better suited for outdoor use and that your design will stay looking sharp day after day.

Durable yet lightweight, our custom vinyl signs are made of waterproof and fade-resistant material, featuring full-color printing that will make your design and message pop. Match your business look and feel effortlessly. Upload your artwork or choose from our wide selection of professionally designed templates and get started to get your custom vinyl banner in no time.

You’ve got options:

You’ll be able to choose from these options before ordering your banner.

Banner Reinforcement
Are vinyl banners right for you?

Vistaprint offers a variety of customizable banners. Check out each option below.


Custom Vinyl Banners

• Vinyl (13 oz. or 15 oz.)
• Optional grommets
• Easiest to read

Best for:
Indoor / outdoor use


retractable banner from Vistaprint

Retractable Banners

• Vinyl banner & metal stand
• Included carrying case
• Fastest setup

Best for:
Trade shows


mesh banner on fence

Mesh Banners

• Woven polyester mesh
• Included grommets
• Weather-resistant

Best for:
Outdoor events


Hanging Accessories

These add-ons can help you securely attach vinyl banners to construction fences, tent poles and more.

mesh banner with nylon ropes

Nylon Ropes

Suspend your banner between
posts or hooks. 50' in length.


mesh banner with zip ties

Zip Ties

Quickly attach your banner to
poles or fences. Pack of 50.


Adhesive Hangers

Peel and stick to your banner
quickly and easily. Set of 4.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much will my vinyl banner weigh?

A: The weight of your banner will vary by size, material (indoor or outdoor) and whether you add grommets which weigh 0.08 oz. each. Here are a few examples of weight by banner size, material (indoor and outdoor) and with grommets included:

• 1.7' x 3': 0.48 lbs. with indoor vinyl, 0.49 lbs. with outdoor vinyl

• 2.5' x 6': 1.45 lbs. with indoor vinyl, 1.59 lbs. with outdoor vinyl

• 2.5' x 12': 2.72 lbs. with indoor vinyl, 2.87 lbs. with outdoor vinyl

• 4' x 8': 3.01 lbs. with indoor vinyl, 3.8 lbs. with outdoor vinyl

Q: Will my banner come with grommets included?

A: No, but grommets are highly recommended for a secure, reinforced hold whether you’re using rope, zip ties or a stand. If you’re planning on hanging your banner outside, our 0.5" metal grommets are important for an easy, long-lasting display. The reason they’re not included in your order by default is that some of our display option, such as our H and L banner stands, do not require grommets. So, make sure to select grommets if you need them.

Q: If I want grommets, how many will I need?

A: The number of grommets varies by banner size. If your banner is sized:

• 1.7' x 3'2.5' x 4'4' x 4' or 1' x 2': 4-8 grommets

• 2.5' x 6' or 4' x 6': 6-8 grommets

• 2.5' x 8': 8 grommets

• 2.5' x 10' or 4' x 8': 12 grommets

• 2.5' x 12' or 4' x 10': 14 grommets

• 6' x 10' or 4' x 12': 16 grommets

• 8' x 10' or 6' x 12': 18 grommets

• 8' x 12': 20 grommets

Q: What is edges reinforcement?

AOur heat-welding process reinforces the edges of your banner, making it better suited for outdoor and long-term use. We recommend both edges reinforcement and grommets if you intend to hang your banner outside for a long time.

Q: What type of stands do you offer?

AVertical stands (for use with these sizes):

• 2.5' x 4'

• 2.5' x 6'

• 2.5' x 8'

• 2.5' x 10'

• 2.5' x 12'

H-banner stands have a sturdy base and frame, with several inches of floor clearance.

L-banner stands feature an adjustable spring-rod frame. They’re very easy to pack and transport. 

X-banner stands are for banners with grommets. They’re lightweight and set up in seconds.

Q: Can I get full-bleed printing on my vinyl banner?

A: Absolutely. We offer full-bleed and full-color vinyl banner printing.

Q: Can I order a custom banner size?

A: No. But given our wide range of sizes, there’s a very good chance that we have existing options that will match your needs.

Q: If I see wrinkles on my banner, how do I remove them?

A: Wrinkles should smooth out over time. But if you need to speed up the process, place your vinyl banner under a heavy flat object, that will help wrinkles and creases come out. To avoid wrinkling while storing, we recommend you don’t put anything on top of the banner. We also recommend you wash your hands every time you handle the banner.   

Q: Will my banner be fireproof?

A: Yes. Our vinyl banners are NFPA-701 certified. 

Q: How quickly can I get my vinyl banner?

AAt checkout, you'll be able to choose from the following shipping options: 3 business days, 4-6 business days or 8 business days.